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Scope of Application

Audio-visual systems in retail stores

Background sound systems are the most natural step in creating a shop’s own style and atmosphere conducive to shopping.  On entering the shop the visitor is immediately taken to another world:  all of the sounds are soft, the music distracts from hustle and brings the focus back to yourself and your needs.

The duration of your customer’s stay, and how much they spend, depends on how professionally your shop’s audio-visual system is designed and executed.  

PRIORITY has been dealing with retail shops since its very foundation. Since then our competence has deepened and expanded considerably – we are now leaders in the market and immediately offer our clients the whole picture: it’s enough for you to choose a style, direction – we always guarantee a result.

Modern acoustics installation does not spoil your design, it improves it!  They are devoid of shortcomings such as sound overlap from neighbouring sources.  Low-current communication systems and digital systems are integrated mutually.  You get rid of the web of wires and get a single point of control, management and accountability.  Zoned audio system and digital content display system, video panels, screens and projectors, video surveillance, lighting control and air-conditioning – all connected to the same secure network, which we design, install, connect, configure, set up and service better than anyone else on the market.  That’s exactly why you should come straight to us at PRIORITY.

Hotel Complexes

The audio-visual and network equipment of hotel businesses determines not only it class and capitalisation.  Like any competitive advantage, it directly influences market demand and occupancy.  Modern hotel complexes are such considered due to the provision of extra services conducting small and large business meetings, celebratory events, and by compensating for seasonal fluctuations and fluctuations in the local hospitality market.

Having extensive positive experience with equipment for hotel complexes, AV|DS solutions, Public Address Systems and Structured Cabling / CIS infrastructure, PRIORITY can do much more for its clients and partners.  We are not only characterised by cleverly economising clients’ money, time and resources.  Yes, we provide a de-facto flexible payment scheme, ensuring production and dispatch of the produced equipment in the required range in the required quantity, of the necessary quality in the shortest time.

We provide the best logistics, guaranteeing import, processing, delivery and storage, all of this despite heavy dependence on current foreign trade, borders and road conditions.  We also have unique experience with regular upgrades and the gradual conversion of facilities enhancing their capacities, such as in the exclusive HoReCa industry, and in large facilities.  Our team is equally effective as contractors and sub-contractors.  We are characterised by flexibility, our team-work style, adherence to schedules and agreements at every stage of every project.  The level of competence in our team makes it possible to create not only equipment and installation projects, but also to revise acoustic conditions of the actual premises as required.  Which of these things we can do for you is up to you to decide.

Business and Shopping Centres

Modern business and shopping centres are especially convenient for all aspects of business – from retails sales to business conferences and entertainment.  The large size of these centres creates significant traffic, simplifies logistics, and facilitates expenditure and management optimisation by scaling financial flows and solutions.

Giant megamalls with lots of shops, warehouses, offices, food courts, car parks, shopping and conference halls under one roof – the highest class of commercial real estate with dominant architecture and infrastructure, provides almost limitless business opportunities.

In equipping business and shopping centres audio-visually, media and communication equipment, and control and monitoring systems are the most modern and most complex part of the function.  Thanks to this the centres’ buildings become “intelligent”.

At PRIORITY we have been dealing with Public Address systems (notifications, broadcasts, background music), conferencing, video surveillance, digital content display (indoor TV, DS), and projection solutions for over 12 years. We work not only with the principal owners of shopping centres but also with the tenants directly.  The shop or office’s functionality and convenience have a direct impact on employee productivity, and customer and partner loyalty, which largely determines the company’s overall success.

If you do not have sufficient basic functionality, if you own a chain of shops, franchise or have strict brand regulations, then it is us who you need. A turnkey boutique, office, meeting room, conference hall or assembly hall with the most modern systems to ensure maximum impact and relevance – that is the centre of our competence.  It is enough just to start collaboration and success is guaranteed.

Recreation Areas

Audio-visual means in recreation areas are a reflection of current trends in urban planning and landscape design; modesty, democracy, and care for the environment.  Large, medium and small public spaces, zoned or integrated into the overall concept with the help of sound, lights, media quickly and easily solve the basic problems of the urban environment.  A significant part of our portfolio is taken up by sound design in recreation areas.   The resulting resonance allows us to feel valid in communicative design and architecture.

The criterion of success for any social project is the emergence of social life.  Public spaces are just gaps between houses until something interesting, very interesting, suddenly starts happening in them thanks to audio-visual solutions.  Through audio-visual design, parks and recreation areas become a place where the landscape of life changes quickly.  Such changes perfectly illustrate the implementation of requests for a transformation with a significant ethical component and a new relationship with their visitors – the inhabitants.

As we have repeatedly seen, parks, recreation areas, and squares – any public places in towns or cities decorated by PRIORITY become cosy and more beautiful, as soon as the design is executed.

Medical Institutions

Medical Institutions, treatment centres and hospital complexes are designed to protect health and life itself.  That is why comfortable conditions and a comfortable atmosphere within medical institutions are extremely important.  At PRIORITY our highest achievements are carried out at medical facilities, there cannot be any compromises here.  PRIORITY specialists have not only demonstrated their expertise by implementing large projects but have confirmed their engineering qualifications at the largest AV manufacturers, obtaining premium partnership status for the company from many of them.  PRIORITY specialists are officially certified by the manufacturers PA-, VA-, DS-, UC- system Bose, NEC, LG, Philips, Samsung, Apart, Crestron, Extron Electronics, Cisco Systems, Christie Digital, Harman.

In some people’s opinion audio-visual equipment is not of the essence in polyclinics, medical institutions or hospital complexes, but that is not entirely true.   Russian doctors can be sure that with us they will get solutions based on worldwide experience in the application of audio-visual technology in the medical and related fields.

Restaurants, Bars, Cafes

Audio-visual equipment in modern restaurants, bars or cafes is the most important stage of the set-up of the facility.  There are few companies in the market of professional installation capable (all else equal) of doing something better or more here than PRIORITY.  Whether it is preparing visual proposals at the budgeting stage, designing complex equipment or the optimal selection of quality equipment for round the clock work.  Our experience allows us to take lots of nuances into account and to implement any possibilities to optimise costs and increase benefits for the customer.

Ensuring uniform coverage without sound distortion and the relative positioning of neighbouring sources, implementing flexible zoning with fast changing configurations for various uses of the establishment – these are just a couple of examples.  Bar and restaurant staff are barmen, chefs and sommeliers rather than sound engineers or technicians.  That is why we always offer complete, simple solutions, the operation of which includes switching off and pre-programmed switches such as lunch, concert, talk show, and sports bar.  Compulsory personnel training, high fault tolerance and a professional guarantee and after sales service are what our customers appreciate especially and keep them coming back to PRIORITY for new projects.

Sporting Facilities

Physical education and sport are extremely important to life in Russia.  Sporting facilities therefore attract special attention from authorities and the public.  They actively finance, build and develop, making our sport modern, competitive, and attractive.  Special requirements are imposed for sound systems in sporting facilities.  Since sports facilities must meet strict standards and their acoustics are not easy – equipment particular to sporting – it is traditionally ours because PRIORITY specialists are objectively the best, we have designed and created a number of well know sound systems for sport.  

The complexity of the specifics for sport is not limited.  Sports facilities need versatility, therefore in the specifications there is always AV|DS equipment and low voltage communication cables.  Structured Cabling / CIS networks save the integration of systems from a web of cables.  The integration allows the systems to ensure that the object exchanges data, the object therefore becoming “intelligent”.

We do this and hundreds of other things.  After all, PRIORITY’s experience and perfectionism in the design of sound solutions guarantees viewers an incredible sense of presence. The habits of our designers for technical innovation in solutions ensures our clients and partners the best possible performance and efficiency.  And priceless prestige!

Today PRIORITY is deservedly the leading company specialised in acoustic and integrated systems equipping sports facilities of all sizes and purposes.