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The company PRIORITY has been dealing in equipping, maintaining and upgrading public buildings and facilities for over 12 years.  Having started as a design audio-video installation company, we have grown into a modern integrator with great potential in a wide range of fields and areas. We are ready to integrate audio, video, speakers, projectors, screens, delivery networks for digital content Digital Signage and structured cabling, interactive boards and kiosks, lighting systems, warning systems, safety systems, video surveillance and automation systems into a single protected complex at any facility.  We have done this for individual shops, and whole retail networks, business centres, medical and educational institutions; commercial, cultural, religious and sporting facilities. Below is a simple list of what we do for you, our customers.

- Acoustic design of sound equipment and acoustic processing of rooms and spaces. Preparation of business proposals, design studies, their visualisation, approval and certifications.  Order, purchase, import clearance, import, cumulative storage, delivery, installation, start-up, commissioning, introduction and setup, support, training, guarantee and post-guarantee service.

- Design and construction of imaging systems, figuration of rooms, spaces, separate zones, facades, surfaces and constructions by means of projection.  Design of spotlight placement, lighting, visualisation taking overview, brightness, and backlight into account.  Project budgeting and visualisation, technical feasibility study of riders, approval and certification of installation and shows.  We carry out orders taking production schedules, purchases, customs processing and import into account based on customer requirements in the context of existing realities, produce storage, delivery to the site, installation, commutation, configuration, maintenance, training, warranty and post-warranty service, scheduled and unscheduled upgrades.

- Complex equipping of turnkey facilities: projects based on PA, VA, АV, UC, DS, video-conferencing and structured cabling, we perform as complex integrated systems or CIS.  We design, supervise the installation of or install ourselves: lighting systems, alerts, broadcasts, video-surveillance, advertising delivery and display, equipping workspaces, access control and personal time – everything that requires the mutual integration of technical subsystems, namely: playback, distribution and volume control; capture, distribution and recording video-streams, power management, cable and wireless equipment, life support, input-output systems, transmission, storage and display of data.

- Maintenance of low-voltage systems with the processing of incident calls and routine maintenance carried out.   We have allocated all such work a different category, where any facility maintenance is carried out as our own.  We work together with clients on two schemes: we carry out contracted routine maintenance of their facilities and process incidental site visits by specialists.  Such schemes cover the majority of needs.  In the first case we hold expertise and enter into a contract ensuring smooth running of the client’s facility on a permanent basis.  In the second we solve problems at the client’s request.

The above-mentioned does not give the full picture.  It is so that you can become familiar with the usual concepts and become interested.  Each point is shown in detail in their relevant sections.