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About company

Welcome to Priority Ltd.'s website.  We have been providing a full range of services in acoustic design and audio-visual solutions for public premises (Public Address) since 2003.  It is us who equipped the ice rinks in Gorky Park and VDNH exhibition centre which became the largest in Europe, the petrol station chain Rosneft, the culture-leisure centre Leader, EMERCOM of Russia and the East Gate Hotel complex in Balashikha.  This is the centre of our competence.

By developing related areas we have accumulated enormous positive experience in the integration of media, audio, video, conference-call systems and security systems into a single system.

Since its very foundation the installation company PRIORITY and its director Denis. A. Afanasyev’s efforts have been aimed at maintaining the leading position in the market.

In over 10 years PRIORITY’s clients have become both large corporations and state organisations, and representatives of numerous small and medium sized businesses.  PRIORITY works with relevant solutions for traditional and new markets, segments, and business areas.

We are sufficiently competent, flexible and friendly to work with whichever client we like – we tend to get carried away.  If necessary we can choose, have delivered and store a few tens of tons and hundreds of brands of acoustic systems if we see that it will help our client to save money.  We have already done so.

We are capable of finding common ground and an understanding with any partners, our specialists can patiently advise your builders, partners, your supervisors and if needs be, your clients.  Any time.

Typically our clients are professionals whom we are happy to work with and proud to know.   They choose us as professionals – supporters of progress and new solutions, and as such of efficiency, as those who understand that spending money on audio-visual multimedia, conference systems and digital signage delivery networks means making the most of the money to make the maximum profit.

If your staff is underequipped or do not have the necessary expertise, just come and see us as soon as possible.  Our specialists will do everything for you, just as they would for themselves.

You are our client if you are dynamic and run dozens of objects every year.  You can be our client if your objects need to be regularly upgraded, converted or developed in any way.  We work equally optimally, balanced and carefully in each of these cases.

Often at facilities features of the operational structure are changed, or there is a change in ownership, but we continue to maintain such facilities throughout their life and our clients become their new owners. 

In addition to the above.

As part of an integrated approach and single point of responsibility, we take a selection of subcontractors and determine who will later work with the object.

If you need licensed media content for broadcast via our PA systems in your shops to improve segmentation and sales – we will bring you the best professionals in this field. If your staff need to be taught how to use your new Digital Signage system we will organise tuition and certification.  If you need video-mapping for our projection system or video walls a producer will be found as quickly as possible with our help.  And if you are a production agency we can help you design a video solution for your show with the optimal configuration.

Our company policy in the field of quality is aimed at ensuring that our prestige in the installation market and reputation in the supervisory and governing bodies work for the prestige and reputation of our clients.  It always works.

Why is it like that and how we do it:

- Personnel and motivation. We have created a skilled team able to operate with high efficiency on each of our facilities and in every field.  We constantly develop competence and consistently improve the motivation of each member.  At PRIORITY we care about comfortable working conditions for every member of the team. At PRIORITY we clearly recognise and feel our common goals, you will not find random people amongst us.  Random clients do not exist either.

- Structure and methods. We constantly optimise operational algorithms, improving the organisational structure and expanding the range of work methods.  Our logistics are almost perfect at every moment.  Our design department is the envy of our competitors.  The quality of our management ensures 100% repeat demands for our services.  Once our client, always our client.

- Value and professionalism. We are constantly increasing both the value of our services for our clients and the level of professionalism in identifying and meeting their needs.  No matter how your requests grow, our offers will be more.

- Expertise and flexibility. We are constantly increasing the level of expertise in our own and related fields.  This allows us flexibility to handle proposals, and make decisions based on proven and confirmed information.  Comprehensively balanced with the client’s perspective.  We transfer all warranties from the manufacturers to our clients for up to 5 years and beyond that give a one-year guarantee on our contracted facilities.  The fact that our clients often prefer to upgrade and maintain their objects with us speaks for itself.

We practice multi-level control – from the rigorous audit by the project manager before commissioning the facility, the handover to the client’s representatives – to the processing of the feedback to the company executives. Efficiency is our middle name.