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When fulfilling the needs of this installation, the specialists solved a double-sided problem. On one side – providing a high-level visual and sound solution, and on the other – the need to match a strict stylistic framework. 

Initially the system was designed as a classical theatrical set-up of 5.1. However, during the design phase the client asked to simply the set-up of the installation, in order not to clutter the interiors of the hotel with typical huge loudspeakers. The approach to choosing the equipment was simple and easy – they decided to install high-quality equipment capable of use with music and video. The original set-up of the system was as follows: a blue-ray player, AV-receiver, and 3.1 acoustic configuration.

The new requirements were especially suitable for a B&W CM acoustic speaker system. Its design is ideal for all the requirements of a really good sound quality. At the front end there is a pair CM9s, and the central channel is supported by a CM Center2  For the infrared low frequencies a B&W ASW DB1 subwoofer was used, whose appearance is just as strict as the CM-series speakers.

In order to cope with the extremely power B&W speakers, which don't offer an easy ride to the amplifier, a Rotel RSX 1560 AV-Receiver was chosen. Since the Rotel range doesn't include a blue-ray player, the role of a universal signal source was assigned to a player -the Onkyo DV-BD807. The third fully-fledged component of the system was the Furman ELITE-16PFE 1. All of the electronics are bundled into a low case from MetallDesign, whose appearance chimed perfectly with the speakers and the sub-woofer.

The Loewe individual 52 Compose television was wall-mounted. All the wiring was handled with cable from Taga Labs, although in fact it's almost impossible to see any of the cabling anyhow. First, the speakers were mounted close to the MetallDesign case. Secondly, the wall on which the television was mounted is adjacent to the server, making it possible to run an HDMI cable from the receiver. In addition, the network cable of the television was also accessible. As a result, the installation was successful made in premises which were already decorated, yet it looks as though all the cabling was carefully built into the design of the interiors.

In cinema mode the system looks good, with a broad panorama. The absence of bass of course, is barely noticed. When switching over to stereo we enjoy the CM9 speakers in their full glory. Their magnificent clean sound, even and accurate is immediately visually associated with the clean lines of their appearance – just as clean, even and accurate.

The system is controlled using a NevoS70 remote control. In the lower half of the cabinet below the shelves with the equipment there is a large space for storing disks.